BW/Incoterms, F-group

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BW/Incoterms, F-group by Mind Map: BW/Incoterms, F-group

1. fob = free on board

1.1. The seller must load the goods on board the ship nominated...

1.2. the buyer, cost and risk being devided alt ship's rail.

1.3. The goods have to be cleared for export.

1.4. Fob: value taken for the official export figure.

2. fas = free alongside ship

2.1. The seller must place the goods alongside...

2.2. ... the ship at the named port and clear the goods

2.3. ..for export. Suitable for maritime transport only.

3. Visualisation

4. fca = free carrier

4.1. The seller hands over the goods...

4.2. ...cleared for export, into the...

4.3. ..custody of the first carrier (named..

4.4. the buyer) at the named place.

5. Main carriage unpaid by the seller

6. Groups

6.1. E: departure

6.1.1. exw: ex works

6.2. F: main carriage unpaid

6.2.1. fob: free on board

6.3. C: main carriage paid

6.3.1. cif: cost, insurance, freight

6.4. D: arrival

6.4.1. ddp: delivered duty paid