An Investigation into Maximising Student Engagement through the use of Mobile Applications in a F...

MindMap to present findings during Derby Collaborative Conference Jun 30th 2015

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An Investigation into Maximising Student Engagement through the use of Mobile Applications in a Flipped Classroom Environment - COLLABORATIVE CONFERENCE by Mind Map: An Investigation into Maximising Student Engagement through the use of Mobile Applications in a Flipped Classroom Environment - COLLABORATIVE CONFERENCE

1. Why this subject?

1.1. SHMS Leysin has done several things in the past year

1.1.1. 1. Introduction of iPads to all STUDENTS and TEACHERS and more books Question? Shouldn't we make the most out of this? Aren't students going to expect us to make the most out of this?

1.1.2. 2. Introduction of Flipped Classroom Environment Introduction of CLOUD HOURS Concept

1.2. Why will someone who reads this be interested?

1.2.1. The use of these CLOUD HOURS have been the discussion and challenge of our Lecturers since this method was chosen The main question has been; How do we ensure that the students do the preparation necessary for the CLOUD HOURS? How do we ensure students are engaged and learning whilst doing these CLOUD HOURS?

1.3. What's my goal for this paper?

1.3.1. Hopefully by finding further ways how to engage students in these cloud hours we can enhance our module and provide a great learning environment

1.3.2. Maybe also help lecturers understand better the impacts of their efforts on CLOUD hours

1.3.3. Enlighten the idea that the cloud hours need to be well prepared so that the students engage. Teachers need to prepare this properly thinking on the outcome and learning They need to be related to the contact hours

2. Research (Literature Review)

2.1. What are the Sources I am using in Student Engagement?

2.1.1. Supporting sources References Books Articles/Journals/Blogs

2.2. What are the sources I am using in Successful Online Learning and Web Based Learning Platforms

2.2.1. Supporting sources References Articles/Journals/Blogs Books

2.3. What are some of the findings on Flipped Classroom

2.3.1. Supporting sources References Books Articles/Journals/Blogs

3. Discovery

3.1. Student Engagement Findings

3.1.1. Positive Engagement Teacher's comfort with delivery (using the various common techniques) Lecture Group Discussion Presentation Workshops etc. Students comfort with traditional method they have be learning like this all their lives students have clear instructions of what needs to be done students take notes and know what is expected of them Physical Environment role on engagement Light temperature time

3.1.2. Negative Engagement The opposite of the above (in Face to Face environment or Flipped environment) example, wrong temperature, teacher uncomfortable with method used etc. shows that students tend to disengage quickly to the Sage on the Stage method "the assumption that the traditional face-to face class is the best to support learning is being questioned" (Harasim et al., 1998)

3.2. Flipped Classroom Findings & Linking to Apps

3.2.1. Positives Communication, Connectivity, Connectedness Wi-Fi Social Media Evernote/ Edmodo Notability Socrative Student centred learning/Experiential Learning Hotel Sims Students come to class at same level Leadership and Team Simulation: Everest Decision App Online Learning Communities (OLC) Blogs Virtual Diaries Platforms like Moodle or Blackboard Forums and Discussions - MindMeister Language Comprehension Translators Dictionary Apps Apps translated into various languages Nearpod

3.2.2. Negatives If students don't do the preparation it defeats the purpose The perception that teacher does no work!

3.3. Using Apps Findings

3.3.1. Positive Target Generation If used to communicate If the app has a purpose If lecturer knows how to use it properly student comfort with it

3.3.2. Negative Distractions Viewed as non traditional Relying only on it Tends to assume that all students would know how to because they are from the generation

4. Collaborative Conference

4.1. 30th June 2015

4.2. Patrick Taffin d'Heursel

4.3. [email protected]

5. Impact

5.1. Students

5.1.1. Students can benefit with well prepared flipped hour times that are in line with the preferences and the future needed skills

5.1.2. Deeper learning and understanding

5.1.3. Acquiring skills needed in the workplace in the future

5.2. Teachers

5.2.1. By illustrating how students engage with Mobile Apps the lecturers can have some ideas to take back and apply in the cloud hours

5.2.2. Having an engaged class is more satisfying

5.2.3. Acquiring skills needed in the future

5.2.4. reputation of workplace and of job (employability)