Continuous Delivery - The Missing Parts

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Continuous Delivery - The Missing Parts by Mind Map: Continuous Delivery -  The Missing Parts

1. Speaker

1.1. Paul Stack

1.2. @stack72

1.3. [email protected]

1.4. Infrastructure Engineer for a cool startup

2. Definition

2.1. set of practices and principles aimed at building testing and releasing software faster and more frequently

2.2. 8 principles

2.3. 4 practices

2.3.1. Build binaries only once

2.3.2. Use precisely the same mechanism to deploy to every environment

2.3.3. Smoke test your deployment

2.3.4. If anything fails, stop the line!

3. Common Misconceptions

3.1. is something only startups can achieve

3.2. only works for NodeJs/ Ruby / Go .. or wtv language picked

3.3. we can hire a consultant to help us implement 'Continuous Delivery'

3.4. Right click and deploy in Visual Studios ... no...

3.5. is as simple as hooking github to our Azure account

4. "Until your pretty code is in production, making money, or doing whatever it does, you've just wasted your time"

4.1. - Chris Read @cread #LondonCI

5. Dark Launching

5.1. test systems in small gradual way to get users to use it before you do a full blown launch of that feature

5.2. * Look into more

6. Understanding Work

6.1. Business Projects

6.1.1. search, UI improvements

6.2. Internal Projects

6.2.1. architecture changes

6.3. Changes

6.3.1. deployments, schema updates

6.4. Unplanned Work

6.4.1. downtime, investigations

7. Need Feedback Loop from Ops team back to Development

7.1. Must be constructive feedback

7.2. Culture of Continual Experimentation and Learning

7.2.1. Multivariant testing

7.2.2. use operations data to drive development decisions

8. Can Adopt DevOps through

8.1. Culture

8.1.1. People and Process are first

8.1.2. not about management dictating

8.2. Automation

8.2.1. Manual systems and processes will always stagnate, wither and die

8.3. Measturement

8.3.1. Response times

8.3.2. Usage stats

8.4. Sharing

8.4.1. Culture of feedback

9. Value Stream Map

9.1. cycle time of something to production

9.2. improving "Flow"

10. Immutable Infrastructure

10.1. Don't need access to production systems

10.2. Need logs? Lets get a log viewing solution in place

10.3. Or new term

10.3.1. Disposable Infrastructure

11. Orchestration

11.1. Run Deck . org