SWOT Analysis on the use of ICT in Education

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SWOT Analysis on the use of ICT in Education by Mind Map: SWOT Analysis on the use of ICT in Education

1. Strengths

1.1. most students are ready to learn new skills

1.2. ICT helps students study subjects using a wide range of sources

1.3. the development of students’ skills to use ICT for their lifelong learning activities

1.4. ICT helps students with disabilities

1.5. ICT helps to creat level playing field

1.6. It reduce workload

1.7. It is a powerful teaching-learning

2. Threats

2.1. Over dependency some times harmful.

2.2. Training

2.3. expensive

2.4. maintenance

2.5. Safety

3. Weaknesses

3.1. Some teachers have phobia to use this too.

3.2. Troublesome

3.3. costly

4. Opportunities

4.1. Different ICT companies are trying to produce cheap equipments

4.2. International community, different universities, Policy makers, local government, Education Officials, teachers and students are realizing the importance of ICT and they are showing interest to infuse ICT in Education.

4.3. Transform education traditional to 21century learning environment

4.4. It helps to make learning environment contemporary, attractive and interactive.