How do our life experiences shape who we become?

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How do our life experiences shape who we become? by Mind Map: How do our life experiences shape who we become?

1. School

1.1. Friendships

1.1.1. The friends that you make at school can impact your actions. Ex: In Wonder, Jack wants to be friends with Auggie, but his peers make fun of him. To be accepted by his friends, Jack decides to bully Auggie with his friends.

1.2. Teachers

1.3. Education

1.3.1. We explore new topics in school. If we become interested in them, they might lead us to choose a career.

1.4. Sports teams and clubs

1.4.1. Ex: Being on the dance team has taught me that it is important to work together with others in order to achieve a goal or become successful.

2. Family life

2.1. Culture

2.2. Values

2.2.1. Ex: The most important things in my life are family and education. I want to be successful in my future, and I will do everything it takes to get there.

2.2.2. Ex: In Wonder, Auggie respects his peers even when they are bullying him. Eventually, he becomes respected by his peers for his courage and he becomes a role model.

2.3. Religion

3. Problems/Hardships

3.1. When we experience problems in our life, we sometimes have to make life changing decisions.

3.2. Our reactions to our hardships shape our personality.

3.2.1. Ex: I was bullied in elementary school by some of my peers. At first, I was really upset, but now I try to stand up for other students that are being bullied in the halls and at lunch because I understand how awful they feel.

3.3. Sometimes, problems we face cause us to make wrong turns in our lives because we have a hard time coping.

4. Interactions with Others

4.1. Volunteering to help others in need.

4.1.1. Helping people who are less fortunate makes you appreciate everything you have.

4.2. Being inspired by someone you meet.

5. T.V. and the Media

5.1. We may act a certain way because of what we see on T.V. and what we read on Facebook and Twitter.