Lessons Learned from Working Remotely

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Lessons Learned from Working Remotely by Mind Map: Lessons Learned from Working Remotely

1. Pros & Cons

1.1. Pros

1.1.1. No commute

1.1.2. more time with family/friends started home schooling kids... not relevant

1.1.3. flexible schedule

1.1.4. more ability to focus originally had family drop ins they figure it out eventually sign on door, working, not working

1.1.5. Customized workspace

1.2. Cons

1.2.1. Miss out on interactions post meeting conversations comorodary with the team

1.2.2. Self promotion is tougher QL encouraged 'people have to know who you are' out of sight out of mind

2. Convincing your boss

2.1. start getting data to prove it

2.2. go in with a plan

2.3. then ask

2.3.1. ask for trial period

3. Tips

3.1. Be present / available

3.2. Be disciplined

3.3. Have a dedicated splace

3.4. Use technology to your advantage

3.4.1. chat

3.4.2. let people know when you are in and out update status

3.4.3. zoom video web conferencing

3.5. take advantage of flexibility

4. Spekaer

4.1. Michael Eaton

4.2. @mjeaton

4.3. QuickenLoans

4.4. about.me/mjeaton

5. What is remote working

5.1. working anywhere that is not the place your employer assigned to you

5.2. Quicken sees as nearly everyone remote because they own lots of buildings downtown and people work across buildings

5.2.1. meetings automatically setup remote connections

5.2.2. people don't cross the street, they just call in

6. Michael's remote working history

6.1. '94-'95

6.1.1. worked remotely on a team of 6-7 worked in a silo in college dorm thing

6.2. '96

6.2.1. sole developer for small, custom dev shop owner and 1 dev... half and half remote and shop

6.3. '97-2000

6.3.1. worked on a team of 5 best team ever work at home when you need to, no big deal snow, kids wtv

6.4. 2000-2001

6.4.1. project director/team lead for mid size consulting firm led several project teams

6.5. 2001-2006

6.5.1. independent consultant 100% work from home mostly alone did contribute to a couple project teams during that time

6.6. 2006

6.6.1. 9 month break tried working for "The Man" office politics problems small dev team

6.7. 2006-2014

6.7.1. independent consultant variety of projects 100% remote

6.8. Nov 2014 - Now

6.8.1. remote team member at Quicken Loans 1st class citizen office phone dual monitors provided by QL

6.8.2. 100% remote 10 team members half remote