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How is this relevant to English teachers?

Although there are no certainties as regards the processes of language acquisition, it is important for teachers to consider these insights as they suggest a framework to support the building of classroom procedures.


Learners pick out specific features of the language and pay attention to them.

For an item of language to be noticeable:

Reasoning and Hypothesizing

Since adult learners tend to analyse language, they are able to see patters, create hypotheses about rules these patterns might demonstrate, and gradually revise them according to new information. They seem to use a set of strategies:

Structuring and Restructuring

As learners work out new rules, these need to be integrated into their representation of grammar in their minds. This informatoin has to be restructured as the learner moves on in his learning process.


Once a learner can achieve regular and consistent responses to a certain type of input, then it can be said that the language has been automatized.

Acquisition involves a number of processes.