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Brahmā-Vihāras by Mind Map: Brahmā-Vihāras

1. Equanimity (upekkha) - impartiality, watching over, watching closely overlooking, viewing justly, equipoise, middleness, imperturbability, responsibility for kamma  (speech-actions-thought), accepting things as they are, acts as an aid to and a check on the other three vihāras. Disinterested, not uninterested.   Impartiality towards the results of your mettaa, karunaa or muditaa, not attached to results. When you encounter suffering that you can't stop no matter how hard you try, you need equanimity to avoid creating additional suffering and to channel your energies to areas where you can be of help. (in the case of those whose conduct is not meritorious, don't waste your time investigating too closely into the details) (makes your goodwill more focused and effective.) - impartiality in the context of brahma-viharas and equanimity in the context of jhāna

1.1. Near Enemy - indifference, distance from a heartfelt sense of life, isolation, tends towards superiority, scornful, contemptuous (moha-samadhi? delusion samadhi, where the mind is concentrated in comfort and loses sense of breath, mindfulness is hazy, not clear, in this) upekkha has mindfulness/awareness, indifference has ignorance/ignoring/unawareness attachment to those who are like us, aversion towards those who are different

1.2. Far Enemy - anxiety, greed, grasping, clinging

2. Muditā - Cheerfulness, Appreciation, Sympathetic/Appreciative Joy, joy at the good fortune of others, seeing into the happiness of others

2.1. Near Enemy - comparison, hypocrisy, insincerity, frivolous joy, joy for others tinged with identification (my team, my child)

2.2. Far Enemy - envy, jealousy, cynicism

3. Compassion (karunā) - seeing into the suffering of others

3.1. Near Enemy - pity, grief, sorrow, depression

3.2. Far Enemy - contempt, cruelty, taking pleasure in another's suffering

4. Mettā - Love, Loving-kindness, loving-friendliness, unconditional love, good-will [most foundational?]

4.1. Near enemy – attachment, selfish affection

4.2. Far Enemy - hatred, ill-will, aversion

5. metta for those who are happy, karuna for those who are suffering, mudita for those who are virtuous, upekkha for those who are non-virtuous/unethical ??? this is from Pataññjali Yoga Sūtra