Organ Donation

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Organ Donation by Mind Map: Organ Donation

1. Religious Standpoint/ View

1.1. Most major religions support the decision to donate organs and it does not violate any rules of most major religions

1.2. Religious perspective on organ donation: no rules of major religions point towards organ donation not being allowed- donation is often respected and support this decision too

1.2.1. Those who are unsure of rules regarding their religion ask a member of the clergy: usually the answer is to donate the organs and save lives (which is highly respectable in many religions)

2. Myths

2.1. The rich and famous get to be at the top of the list for organ transplant

2.1.1. False

2.2. Open casket funeral is no longer an option

2.2.1. False- special care is taken when the organs are being harvested

2.3. It is against some religions to donate organs

2.3.1. Most religions respect, and support, the decision to donate

3. Family thinks the donor will be saved

3.1. If the donor is on a ventilator of sorts, they have been declared brain- dead, meaning they can no longer be saved (brain activity has ceased due to an injury)

3.2. Hospital staff works just as hard to save the life of a person with a small injury as they do to someone who is brain-dead; however, someone who is brain dead cannot survive on their own

4. Cost of the procedure on the donor's end

4.1. "Act of charity" on the donor's end

4.2. Cost is on the receiver's end can get expensive but there is not a cost for the donation. Donation means donation

5. Saving lives

5.1. Organ donation saves thousands of lives every year

5.2. New person added to waiting list for organs every ten minutes (on average)

5.3. 21 people die everyday waiting for an organ transplant, while 79 transplants take place daily (on average)

5.4. By donating your organs, you can save up to 50 lives, depending on the organs that are transplanted