Tools For Success

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Tools For Success by Mind Map: Tools For Success

1. Tools

1.1. 1. Google Calendar helps remember due dates and important events

1.2. 2. Mindmeister helps organize school work and provides outlines in order to help with projects and research papers.

1.3. 3. etutoring provides resources that enable students to get tutoring help in course work they may be having trouble in

1.4. Apple`s "Pages" App enables you to have access to different templates in order to complete projects and papers

2. Summary

2.1. Sharing these resources will enable not only ourselves but our classmates success

2.2. Doing research on what types of tools are out there can benefit us in the long run

2.3. These tools are available for us and most are free. We just have to take advantage of them and they will in return help improve our online college experience.

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4. Problems

4.1. Students are not aware of resources

4.2. Unable to keep up with all the assignments and due dates from all their classes

4.3. unable to keep all their work organized and keep up with their studies in their different courses.