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Assesments by Mind Map: Assesments

1. Summative

1.1. Gather Evidence of Student Learning

1.1.1. State Standardized tests

1.1.2. Unit or End of Year Tests

1.1.3. Final Project

1.2. Representative Sampling

1.3. Scored for Accountability

1.4. Adjust Instruction

2. Interim/Benchmark

2.1. Gather Evidence of Student Learinng

2.1.1. Formal

2.1.2. Informal

2.2. Identify Gaps in Student Learning

2.3. Adjust Instruction

2.4. Predict Student behavior

3. Formative

3.1. Gathering Evidence of student learning

3.1.1. Formal PreAssements Quizzes and Tests Planned Activity

3.1.2. Informal Observations Questioning Spontaneous

3.2. Adjusting Instruction

3.2.1. Done throughout lessons to modify lesson planning

3.3. Change Learners behaviors