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Values by Mind Map: Values

1. Strive to better the world

1.1. Start within

1.2. How?

1.2.1. Raising standards of living

1.2.2. Reducing suffering

1.2.3. Helping people pursue a life worth living

1.2.4. Increasing dignity

1.3. Character Traits to advocate

1.3.1. Humility

1.3.2. Discipline Stoicism

1.3.3. Commitment Getting things done

1.3.4. Learning

1.4. Character traits to oppose

1.4.1. Sloth

1.4.2. Apathy

1.4.3. Selfishness

1.4.4. Cruelty

1.5. Society

1.5.1. Democracy

1.5.2. Equality

1.5.3. Liberty

1.5.4. Freedom of Speech

1.5.5. Scientific Enquiry Increase our knowledge and understanding of the world

1.5.6. Protection of Innocence Children

2. Take action when (1) and/or (2) are being violated

2.1. "Evil will prosper while good men do nothing"

2.2. "Be ye steadfast" - opposition and public opinion should not be important considerations

2.3. These are, in effect, the things that are worth dying for

3. Question everything

3.1. Which assumptions and prejudices form these values? Do I understand them well enough to stand by them during tough times?

4. Treat others and myself with respect

4.1. The Big Ones

4.1.1. Murder

4.1.2. Rape

4.1.3. Kidnapping

4.1.4. Torture

4.2. The Nasty Ones

4.2.1. Theft

4.2.2. Bullying

4.2.3. Persecution

4.2.4. Religion

4.3. The Small Ones

4.3.1. Lying

4.3.2. Cheating

4.3.3. Deceiving

4.3.4. Manipulating

4.3.5. Coercing

4.4. Gratitude

4.4.1. Looking after health

4.5. Close Relationships

4.5.1. Family Be a good son Show gratitude Make time Be a good brother Supportive Trustworthy Wise Be a good father ? Be a good husband ? Family first Mafia style

4.5.2. Relationships Be a good boyfriend Be present Be willing to take a risk Take nothing for granted

4.5.3. Friends Be a good friend Loyal Trustworthy Inspirational