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Technical Multimedia Writing by Mind Map: Technical Multimedia Writing
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Technical Multimedia Writing

Characteristics of Technical and Professional Communication

Chapter 1. -----Rhetorical

Audience Centered




Chapter 3. -----Nearly all workplace writers depend on various technologies to communicate through and collaborate on documents to solve workplace problems. many tools are available to help writers create professional, sophisticated and precise documents.

Chapter4.----- Ethics and the Workplace Writer. Ethics is about right or wrong. There are 3 guidelines, 1)Ethics and laws are not the same. 2) Be honest. 3) Respect confidentiality.

Chapter 5.----- Technical Communication in a Transnational world. Explains the importance of understanding the role of communication and writing in transnational and transcultural workplace situations. Also, being mindful and taking into consideration the audience of the different cultures.

Chapter 7.----- Organizing and Drafting Documents.

Team Writing Book Project

Chapter 1.- Planning your collaboration

Chapter 2

Chapter 6