Exploring Fair Use In Educational Settings

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Exploring Fair Use In Educational Settings by Mind Map: Exploring Fair Use In Educational Settings

1. Build knowledge on a given topic

1.1. Digital Presentations

1.1.1. Video Clips Music Art

1.2. Books

1.2.1. Poems Cartoons Newspapers

2. Price

2.1. The moniterially is FREE

2.2. Time this will take time and training to educate teachers and students on the Guidelines

3. Benefits

3.1. Demonstrates to students how to properly use copyrighted materials within the Fair Use boundaries.

4. Fair Use???

4.1. Fair Use allows people re-purpose a small percentage or specific amount of a given medium and use it for something else than the original purpose.

5. What's the difference?

5.1. Copyright protects the way a creation or material can be used. Whereas the Fair Use provides set guidelines for what can be used and how much can be used fairly.

6. Fair Use Guidlines

6.1. http://www.copyright.gov/fls/fl102.html

7. Fair Use in K-6 Lessons

7.1. Reflections

7.1.1. Reviews

7.2. Study facts and Compare data

8. Video Support & Resources

8.1. Please View:

8.2. More Information from an Expert:

8.3. Fair Use in the Classroom