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Foods 2.0 by Mind Map: Foods 2.0

1. Mission

1.1. Introduce foods which go one level above organic. Through testing guarantee that food doesn't contain pesticides and harmful chemicals.

1.2. Create movement through social media to promote the concept and get young people behind it so they get involved and spread the concept through sharing, through purchasing such foods, production and distribution

1.3. Influence other food producers to create foods which are not only organically grown but ensured that final products are thoroughly tested before released to the consumers.

1.4. Develop/invent testing tools which in real time can measure harmful chemicals in foods.

1.5. Rediscover ancient methods of food preservation to ensure that food can be stored for longer periods without adding of harmful chemicals to it.

1.6. Utilize only safe containers to store foods like glass, paper or wood. Eliminate totally plastics, metal and other substances used for packaging which are known to leak harmful substances into products.

2. Partners

2.1. Alternative health/food blogs and media outlets

2.2. Small organic food producers

2.3. Health advocates

2.4. Farmer's markets

2.5. Permaculture community

3. Why do we exist

3.1. To improve health of our society

3.2. To clean our environment

3.3. To create sustainable farming

3.4. To return our soil to original state

3.5. To teach our children proper management of our resources

4. Who do we serve?

4.1. Health aware groups of people

4.2. People whose health is in trouble and they need healthy foods to recover

4.3. Athletes

4.4. Food enthusiasts

4.5. Celebrities/Hollywood

4.6. Alternative health professionals and their clients

5. Core Values/DNA

5.1. Positive influence on society through healthy practices. Using rather cooperation than competition. Create better world by delivering what's necessary in the manner which enhances everybody involved.

6. What products and services we provide and how?

6.1. Our products are foods which are produced by our partners in the manner which guarantees highest absence of harmful chemicals. Each batch of food is being tested before distribution and stamp/guarantee is given which chemicals are not present in the food. Our foods are available through farmers markets, or through direct shipments to customers.

7. Brands, look feel

7.1. Initial name is FoodsReinvented

7.2. Similar to where products are presented as guaranteed to not contain certain harmful chemicals.

8. Impact/cause

8.1. Believing to create movement within younger population which understands well impact of harmful chemicals in our bodies.

8.2. Finding larger following within older population who deals with various alignments and understands that proper clean nutrition can be an answer to solving various health issues.

9. Year

9.1. Since this idea is only on paper so far, possible year of launch is beginning of 2016

10. Media

10.1. Alternative news outlets

10.2. Social sharing

10.3. Local community newspapers

11. Advisors

11.1. Permaculture community

11.2. Organic food producers

11.3. Industrial testing devices producers

11.4. University food departments

12. Team

12.1. People passionate about healthy environment

12.2. People passionate about healthy eating

12.3. Current organic food producers

12.4. Role of the founder is to gather team of people who satisfy above criteria and coordinate efforts of all involved so passion is turned into business and highest positive outcome for consumer and environment.