Personnel Escalation Path

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Personnel Escalation Path by Mind Map: Personnel Escalation Path

1. Escalation Path

1.1. Discussion Log

1.1.1. Usage: Record good and bad behavior, discuss with the employee, nothing here should be a surprise. Kudos Be sure to record things people are doing well so we can use it for highlights on monthly/annual reports, performance evals, etc Course corrections Note when someone is doing something they shouldn't so it's recorded if it becomes an ongoing issue. Ask: Start by asking someone to change the behavior, back it up with an email for documentation.

1.2. Counseling Memo

1.2.1. Not considered disciplinary

1.2.2. Used as documentation to show the attempts to address the issue.

1.2.3. Would possibly be combined with a Performance Improvement Plan.

1.3. Verbal Warning

1.3.1. Triggers 1 yr probation, blocks promotions / step increases

1.3.2. Even though it's called a Verbal warning, it's still documented and signed by the employee.

1.4. Written Warning

1.4.1. Triggers 2 yr probation

1.4.2. Documented and signed by the employee.

1.5. Warning of Dismissal

1.6. Suspension

1.7. Termination

2. Inquiry Process - Currently attributed to All Employees

2.1. If an end user has an issue with something that happened, and it takes longer than 5 minutes to investigate, we do an Inquiry.

2.1.1. This consists of letting the tech know of an Intent to Inquire, then going to all relevant parties to understand what happened.

2.1.2. Could also include a Just Culture exercise.

2.2. Inquiries can have several dispositions:

2.2.1. Founded low The tech did or didn't do something which resulted in a minor inconvenience.

2.2.2. Founded high The tech did or didn't do something which resulted in a higher inconvenience, major issue, critical outage, etc.

2.2.3. Unfounded The tech was not at fault and/or did or didn't do what they should have.

2.2.4. Sustained When the person is technically at fault but there are mitigating circumstances that makes it understandable. For example: Not sending a notification email because the email system is down.

2.3. Misc

2.3.1. Inquiries should also be noted in the Discussion Log.

2.3.2. Inquiries can result in any level of discipline.