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Advert - midge cam: by Mind Map: Advert - midge cam:

1. Ideas:

1.1. Some one standing there with a really old camera trying to figure out how to use it, then someone runs in with the midge cam and everyone is happy.

1.2. loads of people waiting to have a group photo and the camera stops working so someone runs in with the midgecam.

1.3. Board meeting advertising camera's, someone walks in with the midge camera.

1.4. all sitting down talking then suddenly one of us says they are getting married and they wanna take pictures so someone whips the midge cam out their bag.

1.5. someone is walking around, they see a famous person, whip out their midge cam and video them,

1.6. baby eats cake, sneezing it goes everywhere, the dad or mom films it.

1.7. rewind

2. Different shot types.

2.1. close ups of midge cam

2.2. long shots to see full body length.

3. costumes