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Water Supply by Mind Map: Water Supply

1. Impact of water shortage

1.1. Health as people usually are forced to drink low quality water.

1.2. Hunger as it takes a lot of water to grow food and care for animals.

1.3. Education as it is a bit hard to see how water and education is related.

1.4. Poverty

2. How can we manage water shortage?

2.1. Reduce of water consumption

2.1.1. Pricing of water

2.1.2. Public education

2.2. Increase of water supply

2.2.1. Local catchment water

2.2.2. Desalinated water

2.3. Conserve through protecting water resources

2.3.1. Protection of water resources

3. Distribution of water (locations)

3.1. Water Footprint

3.2. Locations facing water shortage

4. What is water shortage?

4.1. Scarcity

4.1.1. Water scarcity is the lack of sufficient available water resources to meet the demands of water usage within a region.

4.1.2. When fresh water availability falls below 1000 cubic metres.

4.2. Vulnerablity

4.2.1. When fresh water availability is between 1701 and 2500 cubic metres.

4.3. Stress

4.3.1. When fresh water availability is between 1001 and 1700 cubic metres.

4.4. Security

4.4.1. When the is adequate and sustainable fresh water for human consumption and use.

4.5. Definition

4.5.1. When the level of water usage exceeds the water supply available.

5. Why water shortage?

5.1. Demand

5.1.1. Population Growth More uses Domestic Economic

5.1.2. Affluence ($) Lifestyle More water used.

5.2. Supply

5.2.1. Uneven distribution/Availability of water Limited supply of water Because naturally, lots of water is unavailable.

5.2.2. Climate Climate change? Droughts Floods

5.2.3. Water Pollution When the water is polluted, the water is therefore undrinkable and unusable.