Initial music video ideas:

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Initial music video ideas: by Mind Map: Initial music video ideas:

1. Mise-en-scene:

1.1. Stereotypical female make up and clothing.

1.2. Red lipstick, mascara, long hair and dress.

1.3. Stereotypical male clothing with an absence of make up.

1.4. Shirt, jeans/jogging bottoms and short hair with a cap.

2. Lyrics:

2.1. "You don't want to dance with me."

2.1.1. Relates to two people not dancing with one another, they are separate but linked together.

2.1.2. Could relate to visuals such as a scene where a female looks into the mirror and sees a male.

2.2. "The pounding of my heart can't be disguised."

2.2.1. Georgie could create dance movements which resemble her heart pounding.

2.3. "I feel electrical resistance."

2.3.1. This could involve some sort of lighting effects e.g. the flickering of lights around her.

2.4. This would mean that Goodwin's Conventions would be evident within our music video which would be really interesting.

3. Sound:

3.1. Song = "You Don't Want To Dance With Me."

3.2. By artists Monarchy and Britt Love.

3.3. Male and female vocals.

4. Editing techniques:

4.1. In order to create a somewhat believable link between Georgie being both male and female we could use overlays and fading transitions like cross-fades to link the different scenes together.

4.2. Mirroring and the cropping of different scenes together could also be used to join the scenes involving both genders together

4.3. Dissolving and scene wiping may also be great ways of replacing scenes with another.

5. Other visuals:

5.1. Georgie could "play" the characters in connection to the song.

5.2. As she can dance "professionally" she may be able to create choreography that relates to the song.

5.3. She could lip-sync the male and female parts of the song.

5.4. She could do this as she is dressed differently to represent the male or female character she is aiming to be portrayed as.