Breakthroughs and links to a safer world

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Breakthroughs and links to a safer world by Mind Map: Breakthroughs and links to a safer world

1. Enviromental

1.1. Solar Power , could be earth's largest single source of energy by 2025

1.1.1. Versatile, efficient and clean energy that does not work to the detriment of our planet

1.2. Smart airconditioning, the Aros.

1.2.1. Can track owner's movements in their house via GPS and turns itself off depending on proximity of person-to-device to save energy.

2. Lifestyle and Health

2.1. Life straw

2.1.1. A staw-like personal water filter built using hollow finer technology, revolutionised the future of the developing world.

2.2. Colour changing condom

2.2.1. Condoms that change colour upon contact with STD

2.3. Hemopurifier

2.3.1. A cartridge that attaches to a dialysis machine, can tip the body's balance back in favour, used once to cure Ebola it's lectin filter attracts the ebola virus, sucking it out of the patient's blood.

3. Technological

3.1. Innovations in technology, promising food safety

3.1.1. Infrared heating - infrared lamps radiate heat at a relatively low temperature, helping to reduce bacteria on the surface of ready-to-eat meat.

4. Transportation

4.1. Copenhagen wheel

4.1.1. An attachable smart bicycle wheel that gives riders extra power, it sensors have the ability to safely track road conditions so cyclists can share the safest and quickest route of travel depending on the day and weather conditions.

4.2. Crumble-zone design in cars

4.2.1. Safety feature designed to allow the car to absorb shock and damage rather than the vehicle occupants.

5. Social

5.1. "Blue room" - the room that helps prison inmates relax

5.1.1. Designed to calm prisoners cooped up in solitary confinement to reduce the likelihood of suicide, aggression and mental illness. This is an exercise room where images are played off a projector to screen natural surroundings (waterfalls, desserts, parks) etc.

5.2. Seamless sign-language translator

5.2.1. For the millions who cannot speak or hear, communication of important situations, feelings and health is a costly and sometimes impossible struggle. What happens if a dangerous situation needs to be communicated quickly, yet the other person isn't familiar with sign language? The "UNI" is a tablet that leverages a motion sensing camera with voice recognition to translate sign language into spoken words.

6. Digital

6.1. The smart phone that puts privacy first "black phone"

6.1.1. Runs a customised android operating system stripped of features that might make data vulnerable