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FMS Super User JD by Mind Map: FMS Super User JD

1. FMS Super User

1.1. Structure

1.1.1. General The FMS Super User is the hub for all things FMS in the organization. He/She is able to both disseminate information from developers to users and also to communicate requirements from users to developers. The FMS Super User uses his superior understanding of the business' processes in the company to guarantee that the system is used to the fullest and that the FMS vision is delivered through the developers. The FMS Super User is also responsible to create self-help support materials and to deal with users queries where same cant be done through available support materials.

1.1.2. Duties and Responsibilties Follow up with developers to guarantee consistent progress is achieved across the board KPI: number of outstandings and average closing time Draft requirements correctly so that developers know exactly what needs to be done Test freshly delivered features to make sure they work as expected Liaise with users of different departments to determine points that need to be improved in FMS Compile and maintain an online FMS manual covering all functionalities of the system. Make sure manual is used. KPI: size of manual or % of FMS screens mapped and number of hits in the manual Tend to queries speedily KPI: time to close each issue Liaise with Process Manager to guarantee efficient processes are translated into FMS functionality

1.1.3. Job profile I imagine some A would be needed to drive programmers, higher B is a plus. Low C is advised, high D is important to guarantee what is delivered is exactly what was required A average or above B average or above C lower than average D at least average

1.1.4. Working hours Regular office hours On call for FMS related emergencies

1.1.5. Answers to CTO