Vi - Pre-Game Knowledge

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Vi - Pre-Game Knowledge by Mind Map: Vi - Pre-Game Knowledge

1. Runes

1.1. Marks 8X AD 1X Crit Chance

1.1.1. Crit chance is optional.

1.2. Seals 9X Flat Armor

1.2.1. Always.

1.3. Glyphs

1.3.1. 6X Flat CDR/3X Flat MR Any other scenario

1.3.2. 9x Flat MR If the team has at least two champions dealing primarily magic damage.

1.4. Quints 9X AS

2. Masteries

2.1. If not running CDR Runes


2.2. If Running CDR Runes

2.2.1. The main reason you do this is to get the CDR to make the even 10% with your Runes

3. Itemization

3.1. The build we're going to give you here is a little bit unique and makes a few assumptions about what will be happening. This build, first and foremost, is designed around the idea that you will have a successful early game. In low ELO, there's no reason not to have a successful early game, so that's why we have made that assumption. If you feel yourself struggling to get enough gold for this build, be sure to check out and practice our video that covers just that.

3.2. So, what is this strange build I'm speaking of? Basically, it's a hybrid build. The purpose of it is to make sure that you're tanky enough to group and fight with your team, while also ensuring that you have the damage you need to carry the game and solo any carry you might find. Here's what the build looks like

3.3. Starting Items

3.3.1. Machete, Two Pots, Yellow Ward

3.4. First purchase

3.4.1. Chilling Smite, Red Trinket, Wards, Pots

3.4.2. Depending on Gold 1-2 Long Swords if you have the money We're going to avoid buying boots this early because we really want great skirmishing power. This will allow you to pretty easily out duel most junglers who went boots.

3.5. Core Build

3.5.1. Finish Warrior Enchant

3.5.2. Buy a Giants Belt for some extra mid game tankyness This is an important part of the build. It really slows down the Tri Force, but the extra health paired with your resistances from Runes really helps you to survive any early Dragon fights or other teamfights that might occur. We're also still at a point in the game where your base damages + Warriors give you plenty of damage.

3.5.3. Upgrade boots to either Mercs or Tabi depends on obvious factors This doesn't really have a set time, largely dependent on gold values when you back. You have a few options for boot enchants WGEWE - Listen Homeguard Distortion Captains

3.5.4. Triforce 1. Phage 2. Sheen 3. Zeal

3.6. Getting Tanky

3.6.1. If Armor is stat you need Randuins

3.6.2. If MR is stat you need Banshees Locket can be an option, but you would really prefer for your support to build it.

3.7. Sixth Item Options

3.7.1. Warmogs If enemy team has no % Max Health damage. If enemy team is full AD, don't builld Banshees and instead go Randuins, Thorn, Warmogs

3.7.2. Thornmail Very common and strong final purchase against heavy AD teams.

3.7.3. Locket (If you didn't build Banshees) Only against 3 AP

3.7.4. Guardian Angel If you are SUPER fed and one of the only strong people on your team this is an option, but usually you just want to go the other tank items.

4. Skill Order

4.1. Video Creator Info

4.1.1. Make a table for this like you see here It doesn't have to be quite this nice, but it should be pretty simple to make. If not, let me know.

4.2. For clearing the jungle you'll want to take W at level 1 then a point in E at 2. Right after that you'll want to start maxing your Q while taking a point into your ult whenever you can. After Q and R, you'll want to max W. The reason to max W third is that it's great against tanky targets and also doesn't rely on perfect auto resets. Even excellent Vi players often mess up their auto attack resets during large fights, so we don't want to rely on that ability too much.

5. Examples/Audio Clips

5.1. Video Creator Info

5.1.1. These are all clips of this tanky/damage build in action. Let's run these clips while we talk about the itemization.


6. Video Creator Info

6.1. This video will cover Runes, Masteries, Itemization, and skill order. The idea here is to have a really quick video that covers everything a player needs to know before hopping into a game to try Vi out.

6.2. I'm not going to script out the Runes and Masteries because they are so simple.