Coexistence between humans and animals

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Coexistence between humans and animals by Mind Map: Coexistence between humans and animals

1. 1. Humans 2. Animals 3. Organization 4. Instinct 5. Intelligence

2. This is the organization or planning is done ina territory.  

3. It is similar to sustainable development, which is needed to maintain good way nature treves time.

4. The animals are driven by instinct and humans think before acting.

5. It is the difference intelligence

6. Because they have power and money.

7. Humans moved to other places in search of abetter life and this affects the environment because they are running out ofthings.

8. Some reasons

8.1. To believe better than others.

8.2. To tame lions and do what humans want.

9. The balance of nature

10. Competition between animals and humans

11. Land use planning

12. The conflict can be reduced by accepting thatnature it is essential and necessary to freely and develops implementing humanslearn to live with it.

13. Secondary ideas

13.1. 1. Animals act instinctively and human for the reason.

13.2. 2. Humans dominate the animals for their own benefit.

13.3. 3. Nature is important for human life.

14. 5 words to create my nodes

15. List of 15 important words taken from my answers

15.1. 1. Humans 2. Animals 3. Instinct 4. Intelligence 5. Competition

15.2. 5. Competition 6. To tame 7. Power 8. Balance of nature 9. Sustainable development 10. Land use planning

15.3. 11. Organization 12. Coexistence 13. Conflict 14. Reduction 15. Essential