Using Outcomes in Canvas

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Using Outcomes in Canvas by Mind Map: Using Outcomes in Canvas

1. Goals

1.1. Outcome data will be analyzed using the Learning Mastery Gradebook. The data will be used to inform instruction.

1.1.1. Teachers will use the assignment or quiz created with at least one class of students. The data collected in the Learning Mastery gradebook will be discussed by the PLC.

2. Purpose: Teachers will be able to attach Outcomes (Standards) to assignments and quizzes in Canvas to generate student data for use in informing instruction.

2.1. Objectives

2.1.1. Outcomes for all teachers/grades/subjects will be uploaded to the teacher's courses. Teachers will download appropriate standards using the Outcomes screen in Canvas. Correct Outcomes will be verified as ready for use.

2.1.2. Outcomes will be attached to assignment rubrics Teachers will open an existing assignment that uses a rubric, attach the appropriate Outcome to that rubric. Teachers will upload an assignment in the Student View mode and then grade it using the attached Outcomes.

2.1.3. Outcomes will be attached to quiz question banks Teachers will open an existing question bank. Teachers will attach appropriate Outcomes to a question bank. Teachers will create a quiz using the aligned question bank. Teachers will take the quiz in the Student View mode to generate Outcome results.

2.1.4. Teachers will access the Learning Mastery Gradebook to see how Outcomes are recorded. Teachers will explore the recorded Learning Mastery data in a pre-loaded gradebook to understand how the the Outcome fields are populated. Teachers will access the Learning Mastery Gradebook in their course to see the level of mastery that has been recorded for each Outcome. Teachers will discuss the way Outcomes are displayed in the Learning Master gradebook and compare displays with each other to see all aspects of the recorded data.

3. Essential Questions

3.1. How will this benefit student learning?

3.2. Will the time spent setting up the Outcomes be worthwhile?

3.3. How does this fit into the District's curriculum plan?

3.4. Understandings

3.4.1. Teachers will understand how to use data to inform instruction PLCs will use the data to inform instructional decisions for the remainder of the quarter to ensure all students reach a Mastery level for all aligned Outcomes.