Growing as a Librarian

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Growing as a Librarian by Mind Map: Growing as a Librarian

1. Further professional development

1.1. Librarianship part 2 and 3

1.2. Obtain other AQ's such as Reading Recovery, etc...

1.3. Attend professional development days with Librarians if possible within the KPR school board

2. Investigate and become more familiar with resources on my own

2.1. Educational Software:









3. Network with other librarians

3.1. Colleagues through professional development courses

3.2. Colleagues through supply teaching/LTO experience

3.3. Friends and family in teacher/librarian roles

3.4. Online social networking

4. Get some experience and visit other libraries

4.1. What do we do in the library

4.1.1. Schedules

4.1.2. Usage

4.1.3. Events

4.1.4. Lesson Planning

4.2. Layout and design

4.3. Planning

4.4. Administration

4.5. Virtual Environments

4.6. Apply to LTO positions in a librarian role

4.7. Visit and photograph libraries within my school board

4.8. Visit and photograph within my community