3 Year Goals

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3 Year Goals by Mind Map: 3 Year Goals

1. Values

1.1. Strive to increaes dignity

1.2. Strive to reduce suffering

1.3. Strive to increase human lifespans

1.4. Strive to increase our understanding of the universe

2. Interests

2.1. Computer Science

2.1.1. Machine Learning

2.1.2. Analytics

2.1.3. Software Engineering

2.2. IoT

2.3. BioTech

2.4. Martial Arts

3. Strengths

3.1. Discipline

3.2. Logic

3.3. Creative

4. Weaknesses

4.1. Do I have the charisma to lead?

4.2. Can I handle the pressure?

5. Worthwhile

5.1. Curing medical conditions

5.2. Improving our understanding of our bodies

5.2.1. Extending lifespans

5.2.2. Improving cognition

6. Requirements

6.1. Learning

6.2. Meaningful contribution

6.3. Impact

7. Trends

7.1. IoT

7.2. Rising chronic disease

7.3. mHealth

7.4. Wearables

7.5. Implatables

7.6. Analysis of data

8. I, Chris Samiullah, will, over the next 3 years, work in the fields of computer science and wearable/implantable technology in a way which allows me to become knowledgeable about the field and its applications (particularly in human body analysis) for reducing suffering and increasing dignity, and in a capacity where I make a meaningful contribution and the work has a noteworthy impact