Role as a teacher

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Role as a teacher by Mind Map: Role as a teacher

1. Communication

1.1. Giving instructions

1.1.1. Great explaination

2. Provide knowledge to all students

2.1. Many different types of learners

3. Safe learning environment

3.1. Keep the learning environment happy and friendly

4. Be professional

4.1. In and out of school

5. Fun learning options

5.1. Not just a teacher, a friend

6. Facultiy

6.1. Work in unison with other teachers

7. Professional development

7.1. Ongoing training

8. Be adaptive

8.1. Need to be able to think quick in difficult learning situations

9. School development

9.1. Make decisions to improve school as a whole

10. Take direction

10.1. Adhere to guidelines of your responsabilities

11. Have fun

11.1. Enjoy what and how you teach