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Displays by Mind Map: Displays

1. Wall

1.1. Bags

1.1.1. 4 Columns of hooks (max no. of hooks per column is 11 12 inch apart as well.) 2 Columns short handled bags 2 Columns long handled bags

1.1.2. 1 Column shelves ( 6 shelves) Use these for clutch bags only 3 Small shelves in a line under the clutch bags to put purses on

2. Shoes (Next to till)

2.1. Show stands

2.1.1. 6 On top row

2.1.2. On the next 2 rows 1 in the middle

2.2. Bags

2.2.1. On the top row nice bags to sit behind the shoes (Shoes that go well with the bags)

2.2.2. Next 2 rows bags on either side and on the shoe stands

2.3. Jewellery

2.3.1. Appropriate jewellery to go with the shoes and bags

2.4. Accessories

2.4.1. Appropriate accessories to go with the bags, shoes and jewellery

3. Jewelry

3.1. Wall

3.2. Cabinate

3.3. Jewelry Stand (4 Way)

4. Window

4.1. Tips

4.1.1. Tell A Story When you are telling a story make sure that you stick with the correct theme and story

4.1.2. Surprise Customers If the display looks appealing it should grab the general public's attention. this will want to make them come into the shop and look around.

4.1.3. Use Bold Shape + Color By using bold colors and shapes it will make it stand out from other shops and will also make the general public want to come in. Use Color to set the mood

4.1.4. Don't Limit Themes To 4 Rather than sticking to the 4 seasons Why not try 6 different themes Think of special occasions There is no limit on how many themes you can have throughout the year

4.1.5. Keep It Clean Make sure that when you are enforcing your window display that the window is not cluttered as then the public will not want to come in as they will not think it is a good shop.

4.1.6. Update Your Display If the window display is changed every other month it will increase the way the public will look/ judge the shop and hopefully increase the sales.

4.1.7. Use Lighting to Stand Out With using the appropriate lighting up the products. Also if the lights are directly above the product it won't give it a shadow.

4.2. Ideas

4.2.1. Autumn Colours

4.2.2. Birthdays Cards hand made ( Various Designs) Mannequins Lovely party dresses on the ladies and something decent for the man to wear.

4.2.3. Fathers Day Mannequins Ladies Man

4.2.4. Mothers Day Gift ideas to give to mums Handbags Accessories Shoes Cards hand made ( Various Designs) Mannequins Ladies Man

4.2.5. School Leavers/ Graduation School Leavers Prom / Graduation

4.2.6. Spring Colour

4.2.7. Summer Gardening Books Equipment Clothing Holiday Beach Color

4.2.8. Teachers Day Gifts for the teachers Cards hand made ( Various designs)

4.2.9. Valentine's Day How To Mend A Broken Heart Painted heat with a bold black line in a zig zag going down the centre of the heart Mannequins Love Hearts Printouts of the sweets love hearts and use the appropriate colors to go with Mannequins

4.2.10. Winter Christmas Whit Christmas Window Toy Kingdom Christmas Party Idea 24th November 2015 Colour