Is historical accuracy important to literature?

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Is historical accuracy important to literature? by Mind Map: Is historical accuracy important to literature?

1. Differences to historical setting

1.1. Margot took corespondence courses

1.2. Van Pels family lived in the main room, not the Franks

1.2.1. Name

1.2.2. Office hours

1.2.3. Contact

1.3. There is a radio in the annex that they get news of WWII through

2. Interesting facts not presented in literary text

2.1. Edith Frank turned to her faith a lot during her time in the annex.

2.1.1. 1st Sitting

2.1.2. 2nd Sitting

2.1.3. 3rd Sitting

2.2. Otto Frank's favorite author was Charles Dickens

2.3. Anne would often look out the window of the attic as a means of "escape" from their hiding place

2.3.1. Essay exam

2.3.2. Oral exam

2.3.3. Multiple choice

3. Similarities to historical setting

3.1. Hidden behind a bookcase

3.2. Margot, Edith and Otto share a room

3.3. one shared bathroom with only a sink for washing

3.4. Anne decorates her room with pictures of famous actors and the Royal Family

3.5. Dr. Pfeffer brings dentist equipment to the annex