Assistive Technology Professional Development Workshop

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Assistive Technology Professional Development Workshop by Mind Map: Assistive Technology Professional Development Workshop

1. Guests

1.1. Teachers

1.2. Assistive Technology Specialists

1.3. Workshop Coordinator (Ms. Sarno)

1.4. Administration/ Special Education Department Chair

1.5. Student Who Utilizes Assistive Technology (Terry)

2. Schedule

2.1. 9:00 am: Opening Lecture/ Information Session (20 minutes)

2.1.1. What is assistive technology? Assistive technology, according to IDEA, is "Any device or service that helps a student with a disability to meet his or her IEP goals and to participate in the general education setting." Assistive technology has the potential to greatly enhance a student's independence in the classroom.

2.1.2. What can students use assistive technology for? To communicate with teachers and classmates. To perform academic tasks. To participate in extracurricular and social activities. To travel around the school. To access materials in the classroom. To have access to proper seating and/or positioning.

2.1.3. IDEA: Supports and Services IDEA defines supports and services as: "Any services that directly assists a child with a disability in the section, acquisition, or use of an assistive technology device." Supports and services provided under IDEA. Evaluating student's need for a device. Selecting, repairing, fitting, or replacing the device. Coordinating therapy services for the student. Provide training to students, family, and teachers using the device. Acquiring the device.

2.1.4. The Assistive Technology Team The AT team decides what type of assistive technology would be beneficial for a student to achieve his or her IEP goals. The devices may be used for remediation or compensation. The AT team creates a plan for the implementation of assistive technology. The AT team is responsible for arrange training for the parents, teachers, and students. AT members must evaluate the assistive technology being used (using data) in order to determine whether the device is successfully fostering student learning.

2.2. 9:20 am: Assistive Technology Exploration Stations (20 minutes)

2.2.1. Teachers participate in a gallery walk. They have the opportunity to speak with Assistive Technology Specialists. Teachers will be able to explore utilizing Assistive Technology that is new to them or that they feel may be beneficial for a student in their class. Featured Assistive Technology DAISY reader Text reader Book scanner/reader/magnifier Alternative communication device Braille writer

2.3. 9:40am: Student Panel/ Q & A (20 minutes)

2.3.1. All guests attend the student panel.

2.3.2. Ms. Sarno will introduce the student speaker (Terry). Terry is a student who struggles with reading and writing due to his learning disability. Terry is a student who receives assistive technology services due to the needs stated on his IEP. Terry currently utilizes a portable DAISY reader, a handheld recorder, a note organization system (using post-its and index cards), and a portable keyboard.

2.3.3. Terry will discuss his experience utilizing assistive technology in the classroom.

3. References

3.1. All of the material provided was obtained from The Iris Center's online module on assistive technology.

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