MEPI group presentation

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MEPI group presentation by Mind Map: MEPI group presentation

1. Introduction

1.1. Play?

2. Suggested presentation outline

2.1. The journey

2.1.1. Middle east Where we come from Who we are Poems? Rodger William's in RI

2.1.2. D.C Kate green's version of american history Information security

2.1.3. Rhode Island More history July 4th Providence city hall meeting Year up The institute for the study and practice of non violence Young leaders gathering water fire clean ocean Academic study Really intense! but for the good reasons

2.1.4. New York United nations Google visit Statue of liberty

2.1.5. Boston Harvard program on negotiation

2.1.6. Seattle Corporate social responsibility Social Entrepreneurship Philanthropy in America Host family experience A glimpse of family life in the USA Everybody had a different and special experience

2.1.7. DC

2.1.8. Having fun in the process Amymoon dancing

2.2. Conclusion on what we learned

2.2.1. Leadership theoretical Leadership, definitions, examples, types (transitional and transactional) practical Everybody made his/her social change project Presentation

2.2.2. Civic engagement Practical participations Waterfire Clean ocean

2.2.3. Political Knowledge learned about the US governmental bodies and history visits providence city hall United nations

2.2.4. Personal growth Conflict management Negotiation course in harvard dealing with a different group member Emotional intelligence Getting exposed to cultural differences MENA region United states Having roommates Respectful communication Lessons learned Everyboy learned from these events that happened in his/her own way

2.3. Summary of the summary

2.3.1. Exposure that changed mentalities

2.3.2. Give us tools to use that new mentality to make a change

2.3.3. Pay it forward

2.4. Summary of our projects

2.4.1. Debate club

2.4.2. Community pride

2.4.3. Youth community service

2.4.4. Refugee children

2.4.5. Orphan school

2.4.6. Youth civic engagement

2.4.7. Youth leadership training program

2.4.8. Child maltreatment prevention program

2.4.9. Self esteem

2.4.10. Teaching English

2.5. Closing

3. Tasks

3.1. Get pictures

3.2. Gather the learned lessons

3.3. MEPIs input

3.4. picture with the president

4. Final

4.1. Our journey

4.2. Special moments

4.2.1. kate green's home

4.2.2. our motto: study hard,

4.3. Special people

4.4. Hope