5-12th grade students

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5-12th grade students by Mind Map: 5-12th grade students

1. Sports

2. Families

2.1. Need time together

2.2. Need supervision of children while they work

3. Health

3.1. improved by sports

3.2. improved by supportive family

4. Friends

4.1. Socially active

4.2. Belong to a group

4.3. Communicate through technology

4.4. Relationships can affect academics, family life, health

5. College

5.1. Want kids that are capable academically

5.2. Want kids that are capable in sports

5.3. Want kids who will actually graduate

5.3.1. New node

6. Safety

7. Technology

7.1. Internet safety

7.2. Want to use often

7.3. Enjoy using for activities

7.4. Can take over free time

7.5. Want to have newest pieces