Influential Digital Marketing

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Influential Digital Marketing by Mind Map: Influential Digital Marketing

1. Active business sites

1.1. Digital Influence



1.1.3. Purpose: Digital Media Channel Purpose Activity Paid Products/Programs Online Course Webinars Coaching Implementation Products

1.2. Influential

1.2.1. Purpose: Parent brand? Blog? Has existing content - not well maintained Membership site? Still working this one out Doesn't have a sales component Book promotion for Creating an INfluential Brand Ebook


1.3. Influential Digital

1.3.1. Purpose: Agency Website Promote Services Branding Marketing Website Design

1.3.2. Domains:

1.4. Business SEO

1.4.1. Purpose: Sales site for small business SEO services and basic websites Lead Generation for Influential as well Blogging/authority building


2. Inbound Marketing process

2.1. Content Marketing: Predominanlty on Digital

2.1.1. Traffic Sources Organic Traffic PPC Email Marketing Social Media

2.1.2. Gifts (Email Downloads)

2.1.3. Membership/Training site

2.1.4. Paid Training

2.1.5. Done-with you website/training

2.1.6. Websites (Core product) Done by Influential Digital

2.1.7. Ongoing monthly marketing (Next logical step) Done by Inmfluential

2.1.8. 1:1 Digital Coaching Done by Dallas

3. xz