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ASP.NET MVC - "Hello, World!" Program by Mind Map: ASP.NET MVC - "Hello, World!" Program
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ASP.NET MVC - "Hello, World!" Program

Key Classes

Global.asax (Route)

HomeController.cs (Controller)

Index.aspx (View)

Easy Steps !

In Visual Studio select ASP.NET MVC Web Application template

Visual Studio will automatically create the MVC folder structure for the project

Run the application & you should see the welcome screen!

Unit Testing




NUnit is the preferred unit testing framework

Visual Studio will automatically add a Unit Test (MSTest) project for you

[TestClass] public class HomeControllerTest {   [TestMethod]   public void Index()(   {     // Given     HomeController controller = new HomeController();     // When     ViewResult result = controller.Index() as ViewResult;     // Then     ViewDataDictionary viewData = result.ViewData;     Assert.AreEqual("Welcome to ASP.NET MVC!", viewData["message"]);   } }

It follows the arrange-act-assert flow for unit tests (given-when-then)


Description: This Mind Map that explains your first ASP.NET MVC "Hello World" Program

Created by: Preeti Edul

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