Futuro simple

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Futuro simple by Mind Map: Futuro simple

1. "Be going to" form

1.1. Express a plan

1.1.1. Im going to be an architect of republic when i grow up. Mother tongue

1.2. To express the a prediction

1.2.1. Marcelino Perez going to be a car driver. MS Office Excellent

1.3. Negative form

1.3.1. Im not going to dance this night.

2. Will Questions

2.1. Yes/No Questions

2.1.1. Will you help me?

2.1.2. Will you do that?

2.2. Wh/Questions

2.2.1. What will do you today?

3. Will from

3.1. Para expresar una promesa

3.2. Para expresar una accion voluntaria

3.3. ejemplos

3.3.1. i will talk to you when i can.

3.3.2. Carla will call you when she get it.

3.4. Forma negativa

3.4.1. Marcelino won´t make this homework for you.

4. "Going to" questions

4.1. am, is , are +going to + verb

4.2. Questions whit going to

4.2.1. Are you going to the mall?

4.2.2. carlos going to travel today?

4.2.3. Are you going to travel today?