Fourier transform in power quality issues

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Fourier transform in power quality issues by Mind Map: Fourier transform in power quality issues

1. Overview of Fourier series

1.1. studying the propagation

1.2. describe any periodic motion regardless of its complexity

1.3. solutions of a linear homogeneous

2. Fourier transform

2.1. several mathematical tools

2.2. signals in the frequency-domain

2.3. cosinusoidal components


3.1. continuous-time periodic signals

3.2. finite-energy non-periodic

3.3. discrete-time signals

4. Methods dependent on neural networks

5. Fast Fourier transform (FFT)

5.1. is an efficient algorithm

5.2. Decimation in time (DIT)

5.3. Decimation in frequency (DIF)

6. Radix-2 decimation in frequency

6.1. Inverse fast Fourier transform

7. Methods dependent on wavelet transform and FFT

8. Methods dependent on fuzzy logic

9. Published review papers on FFT