How Do I Start Selling into NYC Schools?!

If I wanted to start selling into NYC Schools, these are the questions I'd be asking myself and the current resources I'd find on the topic. Help!

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How Do I Start Selling into NYC Schools?! by Mind Map: How Do I Start Selling into NYC Schools?!

1. What is NYC's procurement process anyway?

1.1. NYC DOE Vendor Portal

1.2. NYC Procurement Schedule

1.3. NYC Budget Calendar

2. How do I get connected to my early adopters / first customers / brand evangelists?

2.1. How to connect with schools directly

2.1.1. Events

2.1.2. Best Practices

2.2. Other organizations that work with schools

2.2.1. Afterschool

2.2.2. Policy

2.2.3. Advocacy

2.2.4. Service providers

2.3. Other education organizations

2.3.1. Private schools

2.3.2. Charter schools

2.3.3. Independent schools

2.3.4. Home schooling

2.3.5. Parental help

2.3.6. Tutoring organizations

3. After I've sold to my first few schools, how do I reach scale?

3.1. How do I minimize the number of touches needed to get a school to say yes?

3.2. How do I target the right schools and use the right messaging?