Helping Allison & Jim's Clients Create True Wealth

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Helping Allison & Jim's Clients Create True Wealth by Mind Map: Helping Allison & Jim's Clients Create True Wealth

1. Previous Trainings

1.1. Foundation Session Call 1

1.2. Foundation Session Call 2

2. Timeline

2.1. What you can expect

3. Schedule 1 on 1 Call With Tom

3.1. Coaching on doing 1k and 2k sales.

3.2. Looking at your current situation

3.3. What resources do you have?

3.3.1. Any Websites?

3.3.2. Your current Marketing

3.3.3. Your Access to Databases

4. HomePlay

4.1. Session 1

4.2. Session 2

4.2.1. 1. Create Facebook Advertising Account and setup payment with Paypal

4.2.2. 2. Send in your paypal Email to [email protected]

4.2.3. 3. Setup of a practice campaign Think about the targeting Think about the mindset

4.2.4. 4. Download ShoesFirst App

4.2.5. 5. Book a Coaching Call With Tom

5. Business You Will Be Building

5.1. Building Your Passion Business

5.1.1. For True Wealth

5.1.2. Being in the Business of dealing with other people's business

5.1.3. Being of service to other human beings to create real trust

5.1.4. Building Business people care about in this day and age.

5.1.5. How to put your services/business into conversations people care about. People will follow information that works, where they can see fullproof workable strategies People are sick of the same rehashed marketing information

5.2. Tom's Turn-Key Facebook Campaigns

6. This Video Will Explain this Map

7. Transition Foundation Support Desk

7.1. [email protected]