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TPS Mentor Guidelines by Mind Map: TPS Mentor Guidelines
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TPS Mentor Guidelines

Brand Recognition

Its not about you- it really is about the library's materials BUT you are the connection to making a difference for students.

Be cognizant of your role

Always consider how you are using the inquiry process, and model it.

Contact the library if you have questions about the library or where or when you are presenting

Be proud of our nation's library

Professional Competencies

Remember every place is a chance to share and learn

Be aware of your own digital presence. What presence are you creating?

One on one can make as much impact as a group.

Always keep in mind the knowledge and needs of your audience

Be an active participant, leader, and listener

Delivery of Instruction

Keep current on the LOC offerings

Keep inquiry in mind

Remember your resources

Challenge yourself regularly to search for something on the LOC website and use this as a way to share resources

Seek out opportunities to mentor - don't wait for someone to come to you

Cohort responsibilities/suggestions

Check in and be active in the cohort

Share what you are doing

Comment on other people's work

Be active in reaching out to support others

Recognize differences and build partnerships.