School Powwow

The map is to show the layers of interconnection between a learning community centered around a celebration.

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School Powwow by Mind Map: School Powwow

1. Communities

1.1. Invited to feast

1.2. Invited to dance

1.3. Head Start students from all over the reservation are invited to dance

1.4. Past Princes/Brave honor the community with the "give away" dance.

1.5. Drum groups invited to play

2. Special Guests

2.1. Past Princess and Braves

2.2. Other reservation schools

2.3. White Earth Tribal Council and Chief

2.4. Well known drumming groups are honored by playing

3. Participants

3.1. Circle o Life Students

3.2. Other reservation schools

3.3. Princess/Brave Candidates

3.4. Judges

3.4.1. Judges will be chosen to pick a school princess and brave.

4. Planning

4.1. Culture Teacher (Tom)

4.1.1. Practice drumming. Help with student regalia.

4.2. Teachers

4.2.1. Prepare students for upcoming powwow.

4.3. Principal

4.4. Kitchen Staff

4.4.1. Plan feast for community and participating schools.

4.5. Elders

4.5.1. Help students with regalia, tell stories, play a large roll in planning.