A World Without Email (Thinking Outside the Inbox - There is no WE in email) #noemail

Here is a mindmap that explains the journey from Luis Suarez on giving up corporate email and use social software tools instead. You can read more about "Living A World Without Email" over at http://www.elsua.net/tag/a-world-without-email/

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A World Without Email (Thinking Outside the Inbox - There is no WE in email) #noemail by Mind Map: A World Without Email (Thinking Outside the Inbox - There is no WE in email) #noemail

1. Why did you do it?

1.1. Lack of productivity

1.1.1. Email is a ruthless delegation machine & your daily to-do list imposed by others

1.1.2. Mail jail

1.1.3. Too much email (newsletters, Q&A, announcements, status reports, Reply to All, etc. etc.) = Information Overload!

1.2. Not the best of collaboration & knowledge sharing tools

1.2.1. Private (closed team collaboration)

1.2.2. Not open & transparent enough

1.2.3. Not smarter enough (i.e. Reply to All, "political" emails, bullying, sense of guilt, selfishness)

1.3. Adopting social software as business tools

1.3.1. Don't have time!

1.3.2. Already busy processing daily email

1.3.3. It's for fun, not business! Really? Still?

2. How has it changed the way we work?

2.1. Increase of productivity

2.1.1. No more mail jail!

2.1.2. Knowledge is out there, flowing freely! I'm no longer the bottleneck

2.1.3. Open, public & transparent collaboration & knowledge sharing across the org. (self-serving)

2.2. Visibility & awareness

2.2.1. Smarter, more meaningful work

2.2.2. Others jumping in as well

2.2.3. Addressing expectations better through trust, openness, transparency

2.3. Reduced email by over 98% in 4 years

2.3.1. Use social software daily instead

2.3.2. Walk the talk!

2.3.3. Email no longer only one in town

3. How did you do it?

3.1. Announced it in Feb08 through blog posts

3.1.1. Positive reactions

3.1.2. Negative reactions

3.2. Studied my inbox to identify conversations

3.2.1. Except calendaring & scheduling events

3.2.2. Except 1:1 confidential / sensitive emails

3.2.3. Everything else OUT!

3.3. Started moving conversations away

3.3.1. Stopped replying to email

3.3.2. Started using social software tools to engage 15 second rule: Sametime / IM IBM Connections Social Software Tools Suite (Internal / External)

3.3.3. Convinced AND educated others to make the move with me

3.3.4. Unsubscribed from newsletters RSS as main source of info

3.3.5. Created "rules" (filters) to fight corporate spam

4. Tips on reducing email - Where do you start?!?

4.1. Don't reply to email!

4.1.1. The more email you reply to the more email you'll get back!

4.1.2. Apply the 15 second rule - Use Instant Messaging

4.1.3. Tell people about it - No more email for you!

4.2. Identify conversations

4.2.1. Group them all

4.2.2. Identify which ones to move out

4.2.3. Start moving them away slowly

4.3. Move content outside Inbox

4.3.1. Identify which social tools you'd use for those conversations (Use Cases) Blogs / Microblogs Wikis Social networking sites Other social tools (file sharing, social bookmarking, tagging, community spaces, podcasts, etc. etc.)

4.3.2. Start making the move (the sooner, the better!)

4.3.3. Don't give up! Be stubborn & persevere!

4.3.4. Start today, not tomorrow... Today!