New (R)evolutionary movement Organizational Metaplan

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New (R)evolutionary movement Organizational Metaplan by Mind Map: New (R)evolutionary movement Organizational Metaplan

1. 1. Social Research and Development Networking Site

1.1. Overall goal to Connect people and to see how they connect to create greater social and economic flow in a sustainable way

1.2. Make everyone able to ask social/Geopolitical tools and get meaningful answerrs that they can put up on blog and contribute to overall understranding

1.3. Knowledge Warehousing features.

1.4. All information completely free after 6 months. Some proprietary "Fresh hot content on Social Trends" before then.

1.5. Track who starts/partipates/votes/is interested and helps grow emerging ideas/movements

1.5.1. Have Social Currency that can be traded in for things

1.5.2. More "Social Cred" gives you access to newer hotter knowledge. Get Social Cred by doing one of these actions: Participation by either voting or originating ideas or discussion (Karma like in Slash Dot Connect new Resources to the systems that help it grow) Subscription modelwhere money or social currency helps Movement move forward.

1.5.3. Have diffeent levels of access based on participation Interested Party Participant Coordinator may moderate And more. Once people have been an active partipating memeber for 6 months they may become part of other parts of the movement Street team/Connection Coordinator Consulting Agency Intern/Connection Coordinator Subtle Theorist Sub Executive Council Outreach Officer

1.6. Software is Open Source with the proviso that there is some interest in contributing feedback to the movement (either in information or very, very expensive if you want to create a proprietary/closed system with it

1.7. Newest Content or formulations are available at different levels of interest. All avialble publicall after 6 months.

2. 2. Ad/Social Consulting agency

2.1. Money making enterprise advising Ad Agencies how to reach a new emerging demographic

2.2. Help spread second tier values

2.3. Use newest data. Goes here first. Along with Higher levels so peopel can have an informational edge for marketing or policy.

2.4. Executve summaries customized to what your organizatrion most is part of the service.

2.5. All info public knowledge after 6 months.

3. 3. Street Team: Active Doer Branch, Salesman and Footsoldiers of Evolution

3.1. Want to have a social crediting system. This is at least 10 times more valued than the crediting system in The Social Research Branch.

3.2. In charge of supervising/creating links brokered in the Ad / Social Consulting Agency.

3.3. In charge of fdinding personal contacts for movements and resources for the Movement

3.4. Get a bonus and consideration for becoming part of Ad Consulting Agency or Other higher level section of Organization if create sustainable connections to help the organization or clients with large bonus, some sort of returnable item if possible or "Stock" (voting share on Subexecutive Council if preferred.

4. 4. Subtle Theorists: Scholarly Research/Reporting for Grants for Citizen Journalism

4.1. If become an expert in a field of research and have proposal for line of more indepth study

4.2. Will be a grant to study a field for various amounts of time depending on Subject.

4.2.1. Some of the grant may be monetary

4.2.2. Some may be resources of Movement Connections Use of groups or the bulletin board for social experiments Volunteer help donated for social Currency

4.3. Have preferred access sooner than the general public depending on subject

5. 5. Executive and SubExecutive Councils and General Democratic Rule Emergence

5.1. A rotating council of leaders in the field as well as at least 1/10 the council being of of leaders from lower ranks of the movement meet once a month to deal with pressing issues of the day.

5.2. Decisions made be put up to a vote through referendum of affected parties by 1/10 of members bringing a request for said referendum

5.3. A rotating council of leaders of different initiatives groups and segments of the Movement. Generally about 5-10 % will be in this type of leadership council.

5.4. There is a meeting in committe once a week and a meeting virtually via conference call and/or online meeting once every 45 days of the constiuency of subecutives as a whole. Once a year there are regional in person gatherings of everyone within 100 miles (or so) to bolster group spirit.

5.5. Any one of the three branches may have vbeto power over the other with a 2/3 majority vote.

5.6. Any group representing 10 percent of one of these groups may bring up a point of buisiness to the Movement as a whole.

6. 6. Communicational Development Programs

6.1. It is a goal of the movement to have communication at a high level in small, large , and society wide settings to be at a very high level to communicate at many levels of development both between, within and to outsiders our vision of how to create a more evolutionary outlook and participatory world with oppurtunity and freedom our highest values

6.2. Information of emerging methods of communication are part of the 6 months plan but the rights are guarunteed to the groups using the methods beofre their methods are part of the Organization wide database. There is a freedom to develop new methods to communicate through active participation bnoth face to face as well as virtual context in a higher context.

6.3. Any group may become a full communicational partner with full access and support of our entire database of past communicational endeavors

7. 7. Group and Personal Development

7.1. People will be connected through common interest as well as a common interest in the evolving the Movement to a higher level in individual and Group levels of continuous and dynamic development

7.2. As part of the ongoing soical research effort it is strongly encouraged to register your group and personal Development Plans to help other people have a database that they coudl draw from

7.3. ILP is a good example of a well documented personal and group development plan

7.4. Keeping an archive of some of the history of one's personal or group can help others have a better understanding in the future where your groups develpoment practice came from in a historical as well as symbolic sense

7.5. The offical stance is that there is a core set of values that are varied through the movement and constantly evolving and changing. There is more than 1 right answer, but ideas that have evidence of their sustainabilty and betterment of the world are best

8. 8. Politics and Umbrella Organization Status to help social movement emergence

8.1. Outreach officers Come from the general pool and have an understanding of what the Movement is trying to move toward and can present it to new groups to see if they want to be full or auxillary members

8.2. Any group may join forces but the movement as a full or auxillary member

8.2.1. Auxillary members want to participate by sharing inforamtion but not necessarily resources/people/ideas that they contain.

8.2.2. Full members become part of the social currency bank and put their resources "on the market" for use by the Movement