Facebook Ad 1

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Facebook Ad 1 by Mind Map: Facebook Ad 1

1. Thank You Page

2. Order Form

3. Upsell Page

4. Sales Page

5. Selling From Email Links

5.1. Email 1

5.2. Email 2

5.3. Email 3 - Clicked a link to Sales Page and Bought. Need to know which email link he clicked, where he ended up etc. Need to know info if he didnt buy

6. Opt In Box

7. If Visited Landing Page. Create Audience 1 with Audience 1 Ads

8. If Opted In. Create Opted in Audience With Opted in Audience Ads. So on for all other steps untill he buys.

9. FB Retargeting Pixels and Tracking

10. FB Retargeting Pixels and Tracking

11. Landing Page

12. Visited Order form. Need to know if he added upsell to the order form

13. Visited But Didnt Optin

14. Visited Landing But Didnt Buy Goal. See if they are stuck on Landing Page

15. Opted In, Visited Sales Page, but didnt buy

16. Visited Upsell Page, either proceeded or not, where stuck etc

17. Visited Thank you Page. What bought, where from. Postback to Facebook Ad 1 as goal

18. Below: Google Analytics ,improvely or other means