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Marketing by Mind Map: Marketing

1. Spearhead

1.1. Test new Ideas w/ Landing Pages + PPC

1.1.1. Local

1.1.2. Niche

1.1.3. Refine Massage

1.1.4. Add SEO once we've found a winner

1.1.5. Insulted From Risk

1.2. Expand Local To National

1.3. Market under Chepri or Create New Brand (based on product)


2.1. SEO

2.1.1. Current Rank/Stats/Leads

2.1.2. Goal Rank/Stats/Leads

2.1.3. Target: Mobile App and Web Dev Create Content (Blogs, Infographics) Outreach: Links from Events, LinkedIn Groups, .Edu Links from Intern Postings

2.2. PPC: $20 Adwords CPC Total: $7500/mo

2.2.1. - Mobile App Dev

2.2.2. - Web Dev

2.2.3. LinkedIn PPC: Goal-Based CTA & Blog Shares

2.2.4. Facebook Promoted Blog Posts

2.2.5. Twitter Ads: Promoted Blog Posts

2.3. Content Marketing

2.3.1. Blogs Interviews Help Articles Guest Bloggers Guest Blogging for Others: Link Building

2.3.2. Infographics: Credibility Building, Link Building

2.3.3. Publication: Now It's Dark II - Mix Tech w/ Lifestyle/Attitude

2.3.4. Newsletters

2.4. Future Redesign: Refine Messaging to Personas, Refresh Look, Add CTA, add Content

2.5. Outreach

2.5.1. Public Events: Linux Fest, Web Analytics Wednesdays, Business After Hours, IT Martini, Start Up Week, Tech Columbus, etc

2.5.2. Outside Sales

3. Plan for Current Products/Services

3.1. Custom Web/Mobile

3.1.1. Support: Focus on Upsell Opps

3.1.2. Hosting: Rebrand as a Loss Leader for Lead Capture

3.1.3. Add Research/Analytics Packages

3.2. App Massive: Market as stand alone recurring monthly below $99/mo - Upsell/Add-On for Web Design 5000

3.3. Web Design 5000: Add Recurring SEO/Social Media Marketing. Use TOC as upsell points for larger jobs

3.4. Township CMS

3.5. Park CMS

4. Short Term Plan for New Products/Services

4.1. Web Design 5000: Starting Point - NOT always $5,000...

4.1.1. Problem points Into upsell opportunities

4.1.2. Shorter Lead-to-Sale Time

4.1.3. Can be sold over the phone

4.2. Small Biz Recurring: $699-$5,000

4.2.1. SEO Rank Tracking Analytics Reporting

4.2.2. Social Media Marketing Blog/Tweet/Infographic Posting Engagement and Response

4.2.3. Conversion Tracking

4.2.4. Call Tracking/Recording

4.2.5. PPC Management 20% Ad Spend OR Resell

4.3. Mobile App Research Package: $5000

4.3.1. Marketplace Research: App Annie

4.3.2. UI/UX Testing: Resell

4.4. Mobile App Promotion: $/Per Download - 5k Min

4.5. Pay Per Lead - Pay Per Call

5. CMS Products

5.1. Offline

5.1.1. Direct Mail

5.1.2. Outside Sales Poach Salespeople From Competition 3CMA CivicPlus eGov

5.1.3. Events/Conferences

5.2. Online

5.2.1. Ultra Targeted FB: Work for Township

5.2.2. LinkedIn: PPC, Groups

5.2.3. SEO: Nationwide

5.2.4. PPC: Target Locations/Townships

5.2.5. Remarketing

6. Long Term Plan for New Products/Services

6.1. Low-Energy Beacon Applications

6.1.1. Industrial Applications Factories Distribution Centers Logistics: Rail/OTR Crew-Based Operations grounds and maintence police/fire/ems

6.1.2. Events and Locations Airports Conferences Entertainment Venues Concerts Sport Stadiums

6.2. Social Connectivity Applications

6.2.1. Mobile Communities For Fans Sport Teams Lifestyle Interests Events For Explorers Tourism Existing Communities Neighborhoods Schools

6.3. Transaction-Based E-Commerce

6.3.1. As a merchant solution: Big Commerce Reseller w/ Per Transaction Fees

6.3.2. As a niche solution: Antiques, Used Clothing, Used Cars, by/sell anything locally

6.4. App Academy

6.4.1. Recruit and Train New App Developers

6.4.2. Monetize as digital content

6.4.3. Use as community outreach