High Growth Sales Funnel

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High Growth Sales Funnel by Mind Map: High Growth Sales Funnel

1. Webinar

1.1. Ad campaign

1.1.1. Cold

1.1.2. Warm list

1.2. Landing Page

1.3. Free intro video

1.4. Email Campaign

1.4.1. Sell Academy 7-part email campaign 4 emails (1/2 off) 3 drip emails Upsell with "tool" option - strategy process once per year 2-3 part email campaign Upsell/intro Summit - get on VIP list 1 standalone email Video Series Ad campaign 3 Videos Email Campaign

1.4.2. Downsell Sell Summit VIP LIST

1.4.3. Consult

2. eBook

2.1. Ad campaign

2.2. Internal email campaign giveaway to our current list

2.3. Give away Secrets of High Growth Companies

2.3.1. Pop up and ad box + top and bottom opt-ins as tests

2.4. Email Campaign to cold traffic list

2.4.1. Drive them to the webinar 3 emails

2.4.2. Drive them to free consult 3 emails

3. Land on main site

3.1. Start Growing

3.1.1. High Growth Starter Kit Audio + new eBook PDF download and worksheet OR Survey Email Campaign 3-part campaign to sign up for consult (survey qualified) Sell the tool Video on landing page on thank you page Personal outreach - VA, secretary, telemarketer Introduction and welcome Assess needs Direct them to the next right step in the funnel

3.2. See Results

3.2.1. Clicks to scrolling list of case studies and/or photos with images (clickable eye candy) Clicks to individual case studies Pop up offer free eBook

4. Mastermind Launch

5. End of Year/Beginning of Year Tool Launch

6. Summit Launch - Live + Virtual

7. Coaching Certification Launch

8. Weekly emails and content

8.1. Weekly emails, blog posts, videos

8.2. Real-time launches (see left side of funnel)

8.3. Real-time webinars (if you choose to do them)