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What we do

Help you sell (digital) content / physical goods

Design ecommerce integrations / landscapes / blueprints

Create technical bridges between ecommerce platforms / ERP / OMS / Entitlement / VOD / Marketing / Financial systems

Enable end-user profiling and tracking on multi platforms

Optimize your omni-channel sales platforms & checkouts


In the heart of Europe: Belgium

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Give us a call: +32472874137 (Jimmy)

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VAT: BE 0808.463.227 (IT 2.0 BVBA)

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Mysio - Online Marketing & Development


Selling products / services / content online requires much more than a website with a cart functionality. At TwoPointZero, we develop omnichannel commerce solutions and help implement digital commerce projects for both large and small companies. These projects allow our retailers or content creators to follow their customers cross platform / device, to sell more, cut costs, develop new profitable markets and defend their market positions. We can help to define the strategy, the goals, the processes and the metrics... Assist in specifying and selecting the right technology solutions and partners. Designing a commerce architecture that integrates with the legacy applications, while delivering a first-class user experience that enhances the brand reputation.