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MAT 156 Fall 2011 by Mind Map: MAT 156 
Fall 2011
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MAT 156 Fall 2011

Service Learning

15 hours in an elementary MATH classroom

Keep SL Journal with activities and handouts from the classroom on your blogger site. Make it PUBLIC and put a link to your blog on your Google Website.

log in hours on the Google website as well

Center for Service Learning at MCC

worth 100 pts = 10%

20 pts for paperwork

70 pts for journal (on Blogger)

10 pts for end reflection (on Google website)

Google Website

Start the FIRST week of class

How to set up your google site video, TO BE ADDED SOON

You MUST use your MEID email account to set up your google website.

Search for the MAT156 Glascoe template and use that for your website

You must make it public and make me an OWNER of your site so I can help if you need it.

Post a link or embed your projects on this site.

Post a link to your blogger site where you will be writing your service learning journal entries

My TechEd blog

worth 60 pts = 6% of your grade


4 unit tests

In class

NO notes or book

40% of your grade

100 pts each

can use a calculator

100 pts each = 10% each

final exam is cumulative

150 pts = 15% of class grade


purchase textbook OR

MyMathLab has PDF of textbook

will NOT do online homework

at least 3 homework questions will be on each test!

due at the BEGINNING class! If more than 5 min late, you cannot hand it in.

worth 50pts = 1/2 test= 5%


You can post screenshots and videos on mindmap, blog and google website

Please download your FREE copy today!

Unit Projects


*cannot upload your own images with the free version (that is OK)

Glogster Poster



worth 60 points each = 6% each

In Class

hands on activities

I will try to have as many hands on activities to help model teaching tactile learners

fraction manipulatives

base ten blocks


Integer chips

group work



CPS Pulse (clickers),

Ladibug HD document camera,

Livescribe smarptens,