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BitVote Public by Mind Map: BitVote Public

1. Actions

1.1. HR

1.1.1. Define Project Schedule Dependencies Milestones

1.1.2. Limitations Schedule Budget

1.1.3. Define Project Development Measurement KPI's

1.2. IT

1.2.1. Code

1.2.2. A/B Test

1.2.3. Planning

1.3. PR

1.3.1. Social Media

1.3.2. PaperStorm

1.3.3. Design

1.3.4. Recruit

2. DesignFeatures

2.1. Decentralization

2.1.1. Ethereum

2.2. Core Neutrality

2.3. Scalability (8B)

2.3.1. Hanging Blocks

2.3.2. MicroChains

2.3.3. Frontier Solutions

2.4. Sovereignty

2.4.1. Self-Protecting

2.4.2. Self-Developing

2.5. Sybil Security

2.5.1. OnePerID

2.6. Universal Compatability

2.6.1. Political Analogues

2.6.2. Religous Analogues

2.6.3. Scientific Analogues

2.6.4. Social Networking

2.7. Anonymity

2.7.1. OnePerID

2.8. "Not One Single Silver Bullet"

2.9. Zombie Thought Excersize

3. Overview

3.1. About

3.1.1. Origin SOPA Blackout Call For Action Aaron Swartz Aaron Bale

3.1.2. Funding

3.1.3. Contact

3.2. Vision

3.2.1. Mission

3.2.2. Values

3.2.3. Goals

3.3. Timeline

3.3.1. Delays

3.3.2. Resources

3.3.3. Breakthroughs Protocol OnePerID

4. Schedule

4.1. Sunday Hangouts

4.1.1. Format

4.1.2. Contributors

4.1.3. Followup

4.2. Tech Talks

4.2.1. MeetUp

4.3. Meetings

4.3.1. Skype

4.3.2. IRC

4.3.3. Vsee

4.3.4. Google Hangouts

4.3.5. Forums

4.3.6. MindMap

4.3.7. Google Documents

4.4. Press Releases

5. UsageCases

5.1. Scale

5.1.1. Global Surveillance Healthcare Net Neutrality Education

5.1.2. Community BitCoin Foundation Ethereum Adsactly BitNation

5.1.3. Organization IPO Pirate Party DAO

5.1.4. Individual Journalism IT Security Activism Advocacy

5.2. Universal Basic Income

5.3. BitCoin Credit Cards

6. Architecture

6.1. Essential

6.1.1. Protocol 24 VoteHour Units per Person per Day

6.1.2. Ledger Displays KeyValue Pair Store

6.1.3. Timekeeper blockchain.timestamp

6.1.4. OnePerID ONREP Online Reputation is a measure of a person's identity by multiple mature social media accounts, friends, and contacts. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. are a partial way to identify an individual as a human being, as opposed to a bot, by their input, contacts, and consistency of ID across accounts. In mature accounts, a lack of human dynamics and idiosyncrasies will stand out. OFFREP Offline Reputation relies on the ability to be identified as an actual person by an existing user who can ‘vouch’ for them. It is one or more persons who will attest that “I know Joe Smith. I am willing to risk my reputation that he is a living human individual.” basically. SYNCTEST Synchronized Testing is a method to ensure against double voting/double accounts by giving simultaneous, random testing to multiple suspect accounts by using Turing tests (eg: captcha tests and/or mini-games) in a manner that no individual would be able to complete multiple tests at one time. TuringTests Synchronization Valuation FINCENT Financial Incentivize in the form of bootstrapped air-drop coins is an integral part of the system, and can be used as reward for being a good bit voter, for verifying online and offline reputation, for giving SYNCTESTing, for highlighting errors in bio-metric data collection, etc. BIOBARRIER Barriers between Biometric Data and the Network are critical. Collecting biotmetric data has the potential to put the end user at risk. For those who wish to use biometric data, they will assume all liability and responsibility to ensure a secure barrier to that data. To help ensure the safety of the end user, any person who collects biometric data to use with the program will be penalized if such data is in any way compromised. All future financial incentives (see above) they would receive would be distributed amongst those who suffered damages, and any breach in security found will result in a reward for those who find it and bring it to light. Ultimately, it is the user’s choice whether to give biometric data and be reasonably sure that the data will be protected.

6.2. Nonessential

6.2.1. GUIs Jasper Jason Frontier BitNation PlaceAVote Adsactly

6.2.2. Keyword Interpreter

6.2.3. Expression Guides

6.2.4. Voluntary ID Filters

6.2.5. Data Analysis

6.2.6. Trend Analysus

6.2.7. Bug Reports

6.2.8. Text-to-Speech

7. Team

7.1. HR

7.1.1. Aaron CEO

7.2. IT

7.2.1. Jasper CTO

7.2.2. Jason

7.2.3. Josh

7.2.4. Micah

7.2.5. Vlad

7.2.6. Vitalik

7.3. PR

7.3.1. Lynne CCO

7.3.2. Leah

7.3.3. Andrea

7.3.4. Christine

7.3.5. Tamara

7.4. Legal/Finance

7.4.1. Sue CFO

7.4.2. Bob