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Life science careers by Mind Map: Life science careers
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Life science careers

Healthcare management

NHS management roles

The NHS offers graduate training schemes in several disciplines: general management, finance, HR and informatics. Approx. 240 recruits per year. More information at:  

Healthcare consultancy

Communicating science

science journalism

medical writing

Downloadable pdfs on careers in medical writing available from: 

science press work


There are several routes to train as a qualified teacher at primary, secondary & further education levels. Fir inforamtion on training routes and options go to


Public engagement activities

Science museum & events organisation

Science outreach in schools and community settings

Scientific research

Drug discovery research

In commercial settings

In academia/research institutes


Academic research

Healthcare Science

Lab diagnostic work

NHS Biomedical Scientist, Specialisms in: haematology, cytology etc.

NHS Clinical Scientist, Clinical molecular geneticist (, Clinical Cytogeneticist (, Clinical Biochemist (, Haematology

Private diagnostic laboratories, e.g. DNA testing for private companies such as Orchid Cellmark)

Public health laboratories, e.g. Health Protection Agency

Pharmaceutical industry

R&D roles

Clinical Research


Commercial roles



Hrealthcare Communiactions/PR

Medical Writing


Regulatory Affairs


Health Economics

Quality Assurance & Control

Science policy

Public Affairs

Science policy formation

For more information see the handout 'Working in Science Policy'. There are numerous policy focussed organisations including: Government Office for Science: Newton's Apple: a science policy think tank: Wellcome trust Strategic Planning & Policy Unit: Bio-Centre: Royal Society:  

Government departments

Independent bodies & scientific think tanks

Patient-based healthcare roles



Allied health professions


Speech & Language Therapy



Nursing & Midwifery

Clinical Support Roles

There is a wide range of clinical support roles within the NHS across a variety of disciplines. Role descriptions can be found on the NHS Careers Website: 

Physician Assistant

Mental Health

MIND produce a factsheet on career opportunities in mental health.

Graduate Mental Health Worker

Assistant Psychologist

Clinical Psychologist

Counselling Psychologist

(Community) Mental Health Nurse

Peer/Legal/Inpatient Advocate

Improving Access to Talking Therapies (IAPT) Worker


Social Worker

Mental health/ neuroscience research, Clinical researcher, Neuroscientist

Clinical Trials

Clinical Research Associate

Clinical Data Management

Contract Research Organisations

Careers outside science

For information on a range of graduate careers across different sectors go to the Prospects site:

Using analytical skills

e.g risk analyst, business analyst, civil service policy maker.

Using problem solving skills

e.g. logistics, management consultancy.

Using personal skills/strengths

e.g. creativity, interpersonal skills, entrepreneurship ability, interest in a specific issue etc.

Using graduate level research/study skills

e.g. policy researcher, research assistant, market researcher.

Scientific Analysis

Forensic science

Commercialisation of science

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Patent Work & Intellectual Property

Inside Careers produces a guide to careers in patent work:  Also see the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys: 

Scientific/IP Law

Business start-ups & consultancy

Public Health

Key website for information on careers in public health: PHORCaST - Public Health Online Resource for Careers, Skills & Training:

Health Protection

Health Protection Officer

Screening Facilitator

Health Improvement

Health Promotion Specialist

Health Trainer

Community Health Improvement Practitioner

Teenage Pregnancy Coordinator

Public Health Intelligence


Health Intelligence Analyst

Health Strategy & Policy

International Public Health

Humanitarian Assistance

Health Programme Design/Management

Monitoring & Evaluation