Information Systems

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Information Systems by Mind Map: Information Systems

1. What is it?

1.1. Solution for Organizations

1.1.1. What problems it solves Organizational Provlems It happens because there is something wrong in the flow of information. Information needed to assist people in making decisions, performing functions may be absent, wrong, takes time to produce, cannot be used. Information-Based Problems Understanding of the Life Cycle of Information Qualities of Good Information

1.1.2. How do you detect these problems? Understanding the current situation It is when you compare the current situation with what should be normally happening that you can understand if is a problem or not. Understand what should be happening Management Functions Business Processes Levels of Management

2. How is it built?

2.1. What are the steps to build it?

2.1.1. Information Systems Development Methodology Requirements Gathering Interview Observations Document Review Analysis Process Modeling using DFD Design Design Tools Programming Languages Implementation Maintenance and Support

2.2. Who are part of building it?

2.2.1. Users

2.2.2. Systems Analyst

2.2.3. Programmers

2.2.4. Project Leader

2.3. What does it take for a profession/s to build one?

2.3.1. Teamwork

2.3.2. Time Management

2.3.3. Project Management

2.3.4. Communication Skills

2.3.5. Interpersonal Skills

2.3.6. Leadership

3. What benefit does an organization get out of it?

3.1. Organizational Productivity

3.1.1. Effectively

3.1.2. Efficiently

3.1.3. Any Time

3.1.4. Anywhere

3.1.5. Any Device

4. What are its elements?

4.1. Process

4.2. Data & Information

4.3. People

4.4. Information Technology

4.4.1. Hardware

4.4.2. Software

4.4.3. Network Communications

4.4.4. Storage

5. What does it provide?

5.1. Data

5.2. Information

5.3. Storage

6. General purpose

6.1. Management Information Systems

6.2. Transaction Processing Systems

6.3. Decision Support Systems